Practices :

Lotus Meditation, Awakening the 5 Flowers, of the organs & glands of the perineum, the secret power the sacred cauldron, rooting the Tree, Celestial Moon Cycle, Ovarian Respiration, Golden Nectar Hormone regeneration Jade Egg Initiation.

  • Grounding and aligning the body with Iron Shirt, Bone & Animal Chi Gong

  • "Nei Gong" Lotus Meditation of the heart for emotional cleansing

  • Liberating energies from within the body with TaoDance, wave and spiral moving vortex

  • Meditative rest, restoring the Yin essence

  • The “Sacred Cauldron” : Anatomy of pelvis and perineum and the 3 flowers of Consciousness

  • Dao Yin – deep spine and pelvic stretching

  • Balancing the hormones : Breast Massage, the 9 Flowers  & Celestial Orbit

  • Ovarian Breathing

  • Healing the Jade Palace : 5 Elements self  – massage

  • The Jade Egg Initiation : healing, vitalizing, strengthening the sexual palace




Lilou Macé's TV with Aisha - L'Oeuf de Jade (January 2016)



6 days retreat 545€ (not including room and board). Annual membership to the Soulimet association 5€ included. Discounts -10% for the unemployed and associated instructors, -20% for certified instructors.

COURSE REGISTRATION : Global payment for the online course. Payment facilities contact :


  • Three healthy 5 Element meals, buffet style (Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner) 

  • Free Wi-Fi and Internet stations available at Welcome Center 

  • Chi Kung Exercise from 7- 8am- Evening Tao Yin (Chinese Yoga) & 6 Healing Sounds 8- 9pm

  • Facilities & Sport : salt-water Swimming Pool, Steam room, Fitness, Gym, Jogging Path, and a Home Theater

  • Check in time is after 14:00 hrs. Check out time is 12:00 hrs. (noon) 

  • Late check out until 18:00 hrs. Subject to room availability

  • All applicable taxes 


Must register on arrival at Reception and pay Special Entry fee 1,400THB/day ( includes pool, gym, towel and steam rooms) 3 meals and morning /evening classes.

Basic entry rate 400THB/day,

plus Meal Coupons 390THB/ meal.

List of some possible accommodations near the Tao Garden >>


  • For residents, access to the collective shuttle service at a preferential rate.

  • Exchange rate 30 to 40 THB / 1 €.

  • Every Sunday, a hike is organized at the lake from 6:00 am to 9:00 am. Register beforehand at the center reception.

  • Bring in your suitcase your "Practical Kit" for the Sacred Feminine Tao or to buy on the spot: sarong, silk scarf for breast massage, natural vegetable oil, your jade egg, dental floss, skirt / dress, stick conditioner, training booklet, notebook and pens.

  • No visa required for a stay of less than 30 days. Beyond that, you must either leave and return to the country or buy an extension on the spot for immigration or apply for a 3-month visa at the Paris consulate.

  • Indicative prices Return flights Paris-Chiang Maï between 600 € and 1200 €. A shuttle from the Tao Garden can pick you up from the airport upon reservation or you can take a taxi (around € 13).

TIME DIFFERENCE : + 6 hours.



Currency converter : 





"When I let go of what I am, I become what I could be" Lao Tzu

Journey to the heart of femininity


Tao Garden Healt Spa Ressort

December 27, 2020 / January 01, 2021

Awaken and reconnect the sacred sources of feminine energy !

Beginner and intermediate level / Taught in English and French

Awaken, reconnect and deepen the sacred sources of feminine healing power with the ancient Taoist arts of vital energy cultivation. Experience a sensorial voyage of inner transformation, though practices that bring hormonal, emotional and spiritual balance and rejuvenation.  As the mind, body and breath align in the primordial energy centers of the body, inner awareness and healing emerge through cycles of movement, grounding and centering, alternating breath, dynamic energy work, deep rest, stretching, self- massage, emotional detoxification and energy meditation. Unify the alchemical Water and Fire elements of the Heart, body and spirit to celebrate the innately sacred nature of the life force hidden within.



6-day residential course equivalent to the Tao Women TF2 course :


It is advisable to arrive before and stay after retirement in order to make the most of the benefits of the practices.

The internship program is rich and dense, and it takes some time to integrate the benefits of the courses. Also, it is better to clear the air, to avoid taking too much care during retirement. The effects of the practices are already very powerful, take the time during your breaks, to walk in you, to gradually assimilate the process of cleansing and energetic regeneration of your body.


Please arrive at least the day before the course to meet at 8:00 am in the Immortal Meditation Hall. Start of the Retreat on December 27 at 8:00 a.m. End of the retreat on January 1 at 6:00 p.m.

07h00-08h00 :  Chi Kung collectif - Pavillon 1*

08h00-09h00 : Réveil Energétique - Méditation Hall

09h00-10h00 : Déjeuner - Dining Hall

10h00-12h30 : Féminin Sacré - Méditation Hall

12h30-13h30 : Repas - Dining Hall

13h30-16h00 : Relaxation/Intégration

16h00- 18h00 : Féminin Sacré - Méditation Hall

18h00-20h00 : Diner- Dining Hall

20h00-21h00 : Pratique collective Ba Shen Hall**

* Free lesson except Saturday / Sunday

** Optional course

During the break, you are free to benefit from the treatments of the Pakua Clinic and the SPA, to relax by the pool or to practice individually.

Choose a maximum of 3 treatments to give you time to integrate the courses. Additional care recommended: Chi Nei Tsang abdominal massage, Karsai Nei Tsang pelvic massage, muscle and tendon massage... 

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