Senior Instructor of Healing Tao System, Federation WUHTIF, certified by Master Mantak Chia and Nuad Thai in Old Medicine Hospital, Chiang Mai in Thailand.


Chi Nei Tsang practitioner and TaoTouch Aisha practice and teaches Arts and Touching Movement since 1992. It connects tradition and innovation in a creative approach to awakening vitality through the arts Tao of Touch and Indian dance. Fascinated since childhood by the Asian traditions , her heart led her in 1974 to the Indian dance Bharatanatyam , the source of wisdom and joy. Learning 1989 Shiatsu with Master Kiku Myasaki , has initiated the ancient arts of holistic health. Successive studies at Harvard and Fine Arts Boston opened his artist on the relationship between consciousness and body art look. Formed since 1998 at the School of Living Tao of Montpellier and School Master Mantak Chia in Thailand , she joined the practice of Taoist Arts in his teaching and in his creations. Aisha deepened his research Chi Nei Tsang, Gilles Marin , author of "Healing from Within " , anatomy through movement with Blandine Calais Germain Continumm Method for Self Discovery with Emilie Conrad, Nuad Thai Yoga massage, Old Medical School.


Contact Aisha : 06 81 39 52 52