A 4-day residential training course near Fontainebleau

Course in French & English

Two opportunities :

  • Initiation for newcomers

  • Reviewing and certification for the participants of previous sessions in Brussels

The objectives of AMDOR, OBM :

  • To enhance health and well-being with massage and taoist breathing techniques 

  • To learn how to balance the 4 diaphragms of the body in order to improve blood circulation, to detoxify, energize the organs and to transform your stress into vitality.

with Anne Marie Marty  

26/29 september 2019 at Montigny-Lencoup (77)

   o AMDOR ®  / Organ Breathing Massage - OBM

Tao de la Vitalité & Universal Tao System

PROGRAM :                                   

Day 1 : Pelvic diaphragm

  • Presentation of the method : AMDOR :and its objectives .

  • Organization of the courses : 4 days followed by another session of 2/3 days for certification.

  • General instructions for a massage : precautions, advice:, to connect oneself, demonstration to prepare and relax the partner’s body, to get rid of used energies during and after the massage.

  • Anatomy details, contra-indications. 

  • Demonstration of the pelvic diaphragm.

  • Guided group practice, Practice in solo.

  • Pair work practice.

Day 2 : Thoracic diaphragm

  • Sharing experience : questions/remarks.

  • Reviewing the pelvic diaphragm technique.

  • Demonstration of the thoracic diaphragm.

  • Group guided practice, Practice in solo.

  • Pair work practice.


Day 3 : Throat diaphragm

  • Sharing experience : questions/remarks.   

  • Reviewing the thoracic diaphragm ; group guided and solo practices.

  • Demonstration of the throat diaphragm.

  • Group guided practice.

  • Practice in solo.

  • Pair work (if time available).


Day 4 : Reviewing the throat diaphragm and the whole mehtod    

  • Sharing experience : questions/remarks.

  • Group guided practice of the throat diaphragm.

  • Practice in solo then pair work practice.

  • REVISION of the whole method  (guided  then solo practices).




Beginning of the internship on the 1st day at 9:00
End of the course on the last day at 16h00 


08h00 : Breakfast
09h00 : Practice
12:30 pm : Lunch
14h30 : Practice
19:00 : Dinner
8 pm : Evening meditation

Reconnect body, breath and spirit !

Candidates for certification may take the practical exam even if they have not finished all the required reports. If they validate their practice, they will get the certification after sending their case studies, so later.


Prices (excluding boarding fees) : 4-day course / 445 € 

Place of internship : The Ravin Bleu Farm - MONTIGNY-LENCOUP (77) - Paris region
Contact Anne Marie : martyannemarie@gmail.com

Fond musical ON/OF

Association Soulimet / École du Tao de la Vitalité

Partenaire de l'Universal Tao France & du TAO Garden de Chiang Maï en Thailande

Health Spa Resort de Maître Mantak Chia


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